Voice Communication & Control System

Specially Developed for Military Air Traffic Control Applications

VCCS provides access to automated communications functionalities such as Ground/Air (G/A) communications, between air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots, and Ground/Ground (G/G) communications between air traffic controllers for coordination, and between air traffic controllers and support, management and administrative personnel.

AEM’s Voice Communications Control Systems are specially developed for Military Air Traffic Control applications.
The equipment, designed, uses HMI based either with touch type TFT screens or panels with push buttons and associated displays giving the operator, in a very intuitive way, easy access to radio and telephone services with a wide range of possibilities.

Our Products

Voice Communication System architecture is designed to be adaptable to the requirements of every Customer in any Air Traffic System environment and efficiently respond to any network change while maintaining constant high network performance.

This adaptability and efficiency, together with the most modern, innovative, well proven and state-of-the-art technologies converge into the Voice Communication System to achieve the most demanding goals in terms of availability and reliability. Its high reliability is supported by the use of Hot/Standby concepts of critical elements and great modularity.

Digital Voice

VoIP based Voice Communication & Control System for

Low Level Transportable Radar (LLTR)
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