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Aviation Test Equipment

AEM is a long established, Indian company, supplying Aviation test equipment. Using our own engineering team, AEM has provided design, development and production services for a variety of electronic systems Ground Support Equipment for Indian Air Force (IAF).

Voice Communication & Control System

VCCS provides access to automated communications functionalities such as Ground/Air (G/A) communications, between air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots, and Ground/Ground (G/G) communications between air traffic controllers for coordination, and between air traffic controllers and support, management and administrative personnel.

Automatic Signalling

DC Converter

AEM 20 Amp DC-DC Converter is engineered to fulfil DC power requirements of E-Rickshaw. Its design is very simple and can be operated easily. We provide a 6 months replacement guarantee for the convertor.​

Power Distribution Board for Radar system

Passenger Information System and LED Display

Next-generation Gigabit Passive Optical Network(xPON) routers.

Specialize in The Fields of

Aviation Test Equipment for IAF

Voice Communication & Control System for IAF

Automatic Signaling System for Indian Railways

Customized Electronic Solutions for Various Govt. Companies

Mil Grade Power Distributions Systems for RADARS etc. for Indian Army

Design & Manufacturing of PCB Assemblies for Home Appliances

Design & Manufacturing of PCB Assemblies for Home Appliances

Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM)

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