Aviation Test Equipment

A one step solution for designing and developing of all type of Test Equipment’s with upgraded technology for Aircrafts.

AEM is a long established, Indian company, supplying Aviation test equipment. Using our own engineering team, AEM has provided design, development and production services for a variety of electronic systems Ground Support Equipment for Indian Air Force (IAF). Our philosophy is to integrate the best technologies with our products and software, providing our clients with one of the most versatile and competitive solutions.

Pressed by tight budgets and program delays, the defence is increasingly looking to upgrade and extend the life of its existing aircraft. Service life extension programs put pressure not only on those aging platforms but also the support systems, including test equipment, and the companies that build them.In response, developers of test equipment must refine their technologies to support new requirements for the older aircraft even as they deploy and upgrade the new standard testers to handle the entire fleet.

Our Products

Servo Actuator Tester for

MIRAGE2000 Aircraft

Fly By Wire Tester for

Sukhoi Aircraft

Sensor Tester for

MIRAGE2000 Aircraft

Engine Performance Recorder & Analyser (EPRA) for

MIG21 Bison Aircraft

Smart Flight Data Acquisition & Analysis System for

AN32 Aircraft

Slat / Shock Cone Tester for


Air Data Tester for

MIRAGE2000 Aircraft
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