SMT Assembly

SMT Manufacturing with extreme accuracy and high throughput.

AEM’s experienced SMT Assembly team focuses on automated production of multi-layered Surface Mount Assemblies. Our SMT Manufacturing Line is fully computerised to allow for extreme accuracy and high throughput but our capabilities include fully manual production if required for through hole parts, complicated components, small lots or prototype productions.

View the main steps in our SMT Assembly process below or call us to discuss your assembly requirements.

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Before component packages are programmed for assembly, each and every part undergoes thorough inspection by AEM’s Receiving Department. Part numbers, tolerance, values, quantities and all other variables are checked against the Bill of Materials, supplier provided documentation and our own internal part database to ensure full compliance and conformity to all specifications required. After all parts have been received and verified, package programming begins to ensure proper placement on the circuit board via Pick and Place machine assembly.

Stencil Printing

After all components have been programmed, solder paste is applied to each board on the Stencil Printer, with the first unit in our SMT line the KSP. This unit, built by JUKI, is a production line workhorse. It’s engineered for continuous high volume printing of a flawless product. Tracking the details of each board is a vision system. Truly unparalleled in its consistency, this marvel of production experience is just the beginning of our assembly process.

Machine Assembly

Next in our SMT line components are placed on the printed circuit board via the Pick and Place Machine. With maximum speed of 42000 CPH (Optimum 29000 CPH), the RS-1 designed for maximum throughput. Using a revolutionary head design, the RS-1 is designed to reduce travel time and distance for every placement.

Aqueous Cleaing

All PCB Assemblies undergo Aqueous Cleaning at several critical points during the SMT process, especially after any soldering is completed on the board itself. There are two phases to the cleaning process, boards are immersed in a tub to dislodge any debris and then gently brushed, then they are thoroughly cleaned in a programmable spray unit.

Hand Assembly

Our highly skilled staff has the manual production capabilities to exceed your assembly requirements. AEM specializes in both SMT and Through Hole Hand Assembly. Whether for small lots, Prototypes or Mixed Technology PCB Assemblies, our staff has the experience and reliability required to assemble and hand solder your Printed Circuit Boards.


At the end of our SMT line is ETA’s newest generation of reflow oven, the ETA 800. This unit provides flexible and precise temperature control in a multizone-heating tunnel. Total forced convection is used to provide sharp and controllable temperature zones, thereby minimizing liquidus time. What’s more, it even accommodates the largest of boards in its width-adjustable conveyor. Rapid response times and precise temperature controls assure our process uniformity regardless of component density or board loading. From this unit surface mount boards emerge at exactly the right temperature at exactly the right time.

Quality Assembly

Our Quality Assurance Technicians have the experience necessary to maximize inspection throughout the SMT Assembly Process. After each major step in the Assembly Process each PCB is inspected thoroughly. Before Packaging each Assembly is once again rigorously checked for polarity, solder and according to IPC standards for Solder Joints.


All PCB Assemblies are placed in anti-static packaging before delivery. All boards are given one last wash and touch up before they are tested, barcoded, serialized and photographed. An Inspection Report is attached to each shipment of finished Electronic Assemblies or Box Build Assemblies.

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