Through Hole Assembly

Our facility has the capability to meet your exact requirements with a quality

Whether your manufacturing requirements are large or small, high density multilayer printed circuit boards or miniature hand-soldered assemblies, our facility has the capability to meet your exact requirements with a quality. With our emphasis on quality, your printed circuit boards are subjected to rigorous inspections at numerous critical production steps; resulting in unmatched reliability.

Our advanced design wave soldering system is completely equipped with every feature and subsystem necessary to achieve the most exacting requirements of multi-layer fine line printed circuit board soldering.

Assembly Line

No matter your requirements our Through Hole Assembly Line has the capabilities to manufacture your printed circuit boards with excellent quality.


All Through Hole Assemblies undergo extensive cleaning at several critical points during the assembly process and especially after wave soldering.

Wave Soldering System

When Through Hole Soldering is required our advanced Wave Soldering System is able to achieve a maximum degree of solder quality.
AEM’s extensive experience and use of state-of-the-art equipment enables us to routinely solder dense circuits, difficult line geometrics, large lands and odd-shaped printed circuit boards without icicles, bridges, or solder build-up. All variables, such as pre-bake duration and temperature, flux application, density of pre-heat, solder temperature, height of wave, entry angle, and conveyer speed are precisely programmed and controlled to repeatedly obtain a maximum degree of solder quality.
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